2 and oh oh oh baby

Hoob N’ Asian(s),

Thanks to a couple of pre-teen teams the almighty hoob is off to a solid 2-0 start. With a stifling 1 GAA, scored on a PP no less, the gingered warrior put up a solid performance in his goal debut. Even more surprising than ginger stopping shots with his cup was Grahammer surviving a foot race. Did he win the race? The casual observer would say no. The fact that his heart didn’t immediately collapse, that’s a win, so for all intents and purposes I’d say Grahammer won that race.

I’m not sure what Shaner changed in the off season, but wow his production is up almost 200%. On a completely separate and unrelated note, rookie C-sticks had a 6 goal game. “I scored the 5th one because I was tired and needed a change”. Ty and Derk take note. Scoring and changing, two skills to pick up on.

Rookies, where hoob you been all our lives? T-shirts and Hard hats. Some of you veterans better step up your game outside of the game. I’d like to quickly acknowledge the players who have committed to the Hoob lifestyle. If your not on the list, consider this a call-out.

Joe Chan – The HooBBQ. Purple Swirl socks. Brenda.
Tyler topping – Painted his stormhoober pads purple. Found the Hubie McDonough card. Assisted with Hoob Hard Hat.
JArab – Purchased a RBK purple helmet. Wears purple almost every game day.
McDunz – Purple gloves, purple stick tape, purple sneaks, purple helmet. Hoob news. Hoob organizer.
Sticksl – Wore a purple shirt with a cat delivering newspapers on several game days. Ordering Hoob t-shirts.
Colby – Created the Hoob Hard Hat.

Honerable mentions:
Taylor – Instilled the garbage bag idea.
Curt – Has written the odd news.
Paul – Partial credit for providing motivation to create the Hoob Hard Hat.

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