And just when you were about to get cut

Hoob Nasian,

WOW. I never realized how much y’all loved Jeffro. The boys came to play in this one. 6 – 4 was the final, with an ending fitting of any hoob. Jrab (after taking a highly controversial hit to the head) got in a bit of a tussle. The other team decided to quit because “you are too dirty in front of your net”…. hmmm maybe don’t walk into Jay’s house uninvited?

It’s almost December right? Ho Ho Ho. Was the scorekeeper just getting her Christmas spirit going early, or did the previously goal-less Brian Ho pot a hatty? Not to create a bias for one particular holiday Ho also gave a little love to Easter by putting all of his eggs in one basket, “This is the first game that mattered right? I was saving it all for this one”. Joe in training finished the game with 3 goals, an assist and a penalty for stepping to a guy 3 times his size. It’s pretty awesome post game when not a single guy has to ask where the hardhat is going. Up until now Grimace has been the front runner as the logo for our 2nd jerseys, but I’m thinking the words hot & spicy may have a shot…. or maybe Brian’s jersey should be Hoob and Spicy? Either way showing up in a hot and spicy t-shirt (with matching ginch) and then having the game of your life will go down as one of the greatest hoob moves of all time.

Next up Elk-A-Holics featuring the debut of Jeffro “HooberEclipse” Darkness.

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