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Good email but it should also be pointed out that Hooberama improved this season and only had one abismal turnover that led to a goal for the other team this year. Last year it was three. Please give some hoobplause for him. Also the following grades on each player for how they did on the year.

Cam: Hoob for life. This guy decided to one up the team by dressing entirely in purple and trying out a new helmet and gloves in the final game. Veteran hoob move by a veteran hoob. Stays on the team only because he can run a tight ship, ie. always ensure we have beer. Also someone managed to shoot a knuckle puck for a goal in the finals. FML when Hoobs da boss outscores me. HML.

Claude: Still black, still not wearing shoes. That is all.

Clint: Nothing can be said. You performed your roll of showing up for one good game per year admirably. And even in the playoffs too. Thanks for showing up for the support in the finals jackhoob.

Colin: you shouldn’t even be on our team after that performance. Nobody makes the hoobs look bad except the hoobs themselves. But the side of the net goal, followed up with you saying the second goal wasn’t kicked in was very hoob like. Yah, I never take a dive.

Foddy: Just when I thought you couldn’t do anything else to play yourself off the hoobs, you go an give up a brutal giveaway to Hoobfarted…..and totally redeem yourself!!!! And we still need a Ginger on the team, you’re in.

JARAB: No penalties and the hoobs lose. How surprising. Give your head a shake and crosscheck someone next game loser.

JC: Joe Chan AKA Jesus’ Shuttleshoob, AKA, natural born hoobie. Not much to say. You couldn’t crack team hoob nations starting line up for the finals of GHL. Yep team Hong Kong sure has it’s star.


PS. the wizards comments were written in a adamente language known and seen only by metal slugs. Sorry rest o hoobs.

Graham: Not a bad game. Didn’t show up for beer turns it into a brutal game. Also, please don’t ever try to do a donut in your car again. You and I both know you only use donuts for one thing. Food.

Colby: Don’t talk to me until you score a goal.

Mark: Ditto

Burton: When Tyler (worst player) tell Derek (second worst player) that he would be his choice for second star of the game, it’s not wonder the hoobs failed. Not good. Not good.

Matt: Please see your fail above.

Shane: Another game played, another pointless effort. You don’t fight, you don’t dive, you don’t score, you don’t yell. Either start playing like a hoob or get off the team.

Ronak: Pre-game texts are amazing. Mid game giggles are amazing. Post game beers are amazing. Sure you choked and didn’t have one shot on goal in finals, but whetever, you’re the hoob father.

Taylor: 1 goal 1 assist in the finals. And on your birthday. Hoob o the night.

Tony: still gay as ever. you also had 2 points somehow in the final. Doing what you do best. Take credit for other peoples hard work and bring others down with you.

Curtis: What kind of jack-hoob only brings 1 stick to a finals. finished the year outscored by Cam. that is the best hoob move of the year in my opinion. Derek was only down 2 goals with 3 less games played.

If I missed anyone else, I don’t care you all hoobed.

Oh yes the doctor: Thanks for never showing up to support your team. You fail and I hope Poland never qualifies for another world cup again.

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