A Lovers Quarrel; a story of two hoobs

Joe although not fully healed from his ankular vag implant, decided to represent his saskatchewan heritage on Sunday. By using a saskatchewan reference you may immediately think I’m referrring to the green reebok helmut he was brandishing so proudly. Although quite the spectacle on it’s own, this is not the intended reference. Instead I refer to his rotund exterior, hard nose effort, being the 11th man in on a 10 man roster and profound love for one short stalky and pecularly hermafroditish looking referee. Ahhh yes, if it weren’t for Brenda I doubt JoeHoob would have been puffing out his chest to the same degree. Our own silverback played a solid eight and one half minutes and had an amazing 16 PIMS to show for it. Welcome back sir, rocky hoob thompson we missed you.

Another Hoob debut came in the form of Derk “the thunder” Maki. Derk showed his true hoobness on a particular play when gassed from playing some pretty solid hockey, walked towards his man blocked a shot and got the play whistled down. The entire bench thought this would be a great time for a tired player to change. Not Thunder. He proceeded to wait for everyone else to change, then line up for the face off, only to immediately change afterwards.

StormHoober. Excited by Joseph and Taylor mucking it up, on-top of overvaluating his own play of late, Ty decided he ain’t takin’ no shite. Beware those that step to Ty, he will stomp in your general direction.

Was it merely chance that Derk and Ty updates were one after another? No sir. These two played the entire game together. Not sure who is running this bench but that guy is gutzy. “That much hoob on one line??”

Hands of Stone? “Only at regular strength” chirped the much fitter and less chinny Assen. After intercepting a pass, Taylor “Im your Daddy” Hoobikens layed down a triple deke mighty duck styles and did not dissapoint.

Our 2nd goal? Oh yeah, yours truly had another beauty. No, not really. A shot on net deflected off their D-mans stick. Ask Bob Barker, Plinko is a skill game. “Oh well still ahead of Curt”. Aside from scoring this Hoob could be seen doing his best impersonation of a croquet wicket in front of his own goal. I’m sure that he’ll find a way to blame it on Clint.

The tying goal…. can’t really remember I’m sure some hoob did something hoobish. I do remember zippa head one timing the hell out of a steller pass from Derk Diggler to give us a 3rd goal……… maybe try lofting the shot in there that way the ref’s can’t miss it?

Other than that we had somewhat of an underwhelming tie. 2 – 2 to the lowest team in the A division. Clint played well and broke the Hoob rule of always allowing 3 or more goals. Come on Clint did Grahammer teach you nothing?

Please be advised that Game 5 has changed in the schedule (Thanks to StormHoobs for catching that)

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