Hoob Headlines

3 and O.
Riding on the back of C G Sticks. That’s how the Hoobs are rollin’, kinda like the grey sweat pant dude, rollin’ rollin.
You’d think playing a team of 25-30 year old guys would be an upgrade on pre-teens and females. As Tony would say “nope”. The renegades proved that theory wrong. Was there ice out there? I swear most of their team could barely stand-up, at one point I had convinced myself they might break into a flying V and Gordon Bombay would start yelling nonsense over the boards. That would have been an upgrade over that mess……. not that I have a whole lot of room to talk.

One timers are not our strong suit.
I’d like to thank my good buddy the TSN-less toilet hugger, for trying to make me feel better about openly whiffing on a finely passed one timer. After seeing Hoob McDuns misfire, Derk felt bad. Real bad. On his next shift he wound up a nice whiffler of his own.
Derk speaking about the play:

“Y’know I heard their bench taunting him. I heard our bench taunting him. You can’t not feel bad for the guy.” In the heat of the moment he decided to act a fool as well. “Sure I could have scored, but I’m not stupid. I looked first. The ref was standing at half. I figured he would call it back anyways, might as well do some charity work”

Does anyone have a mint?
More specifically a tic-tac. I’d like to introduce you all to a little play called the tic-tac-Ro. The Godfather himself had words to mince about the play “If you ain’t passing to Ro, then you gots to go, I don’t care if it’s snowin’, I want you out there ho’in”. You heard the man. Pass or give up that a$$.

The Wheeny Cracker Prince.
Nice pirouette homey. I think he saw the slick moves tootoo made on his beloved nuckleheads and decided to sport a too-too of his own.

I so so lee.
Get in the box. The only thing your sorry about is the lack of Brenda. Your losing it. No HooBBQ and Curt is leading the team in PIMS. I like how Curt has found a way onto the score sheet, but honestly how can we continue to talk all this smack if we have no enforcer?

You couldn’t hit the side of a barn.
Well you could, but if that barn was a bungalow it would move out of the way 1 out of 4 times. 0.25 SV%.

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