Perfect 500 hockey

First piece of order it’s obvious who’s wearing the garbage bag. Tylix for thinking he is better than Clint at anything. I kid I kid, everyone’s better than Clint at everything.

So since I’m about 5 or 6 days late with the news I’ll be the proud owner of wearing the bag.

So what happended last week? Hoobs gonna hoob. We tied the first place team 4-4. Thats not all, we tied it up after being down 4-1. In the last 10 minutes we absolutely owned and if not for a few flukey saves and odd bounces we could have taken this one.

What’s it like to actually have a goalie? Pretty damn good. Matt Hoobtillier backstopped this one and played really well, for that he is cut. Thats not what hoobs do. Had you given us a spin-o-rama in keeper gear you could have been imortalized like the chan, instead you have been banished to the yukon. Since, Matty is up hitting on eskimos, Grahammer you can play goal again and Clint you can play D.

Back to business. Tylix Hoob, nice job taking another pass off your head. I’m not sure what attracts the ball to your head but if you could figure that out for your stick that would be great.

Clint. Stay home more.

Mike; I really enjoyed the goal you scored. How you still got credit for it but Curt and I lost our assists, I’m not sure. Stay red.

Tony. Give Taylor his jersey back. You (thankfully) aren’t a father and nobody except the Chiefs want to wear your native jersey.

Claude. Chicken Hoob Legs. Nice goal, maybe try baseball. I left your essence on the Hoob jersey, it made Ronak smile when he scored in EUB.

Ronakular, good job passing Curt and tying yours truly for the scoring lead. I premptively warn you not to pursue the current path you are on.

Arab. I appreciate your dedication to the hoobs. By breaking a stick every game you are by far spending more money than any other hoob.

Ianitos. More penalties. Hath thyne leige taught thou nothing? King Chan implores thyne inner goddess, bring forth yonder mighty thunder stick and cast down pain upon ye foes.

Taylor. Your donations to EUB and Hoob Nation are appreciated. You will be rewarded with 3 games per year.

Derk. I am busy at work. That is why I have not called. Please stop disturbing my wife with your concerns. I do not hate you for not showing up to Hoob Nation. How about I draw you a warm bath followed by a home cooked meal?

Paul. We have decided that Jill’s name is also being entered into the draw for who has to sit with Tony at the heritage classic. It’s only fair.

Shane. Big penalty kill by this guy. Save some of that energy for your lady friend, she will enjoy a good hoobin’.

Joe. Feb 27th. I hope your doing wind sprints and eating bok choy. This one is for the new little hoober.

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