Tune in to the Nation Station; Hoobs weekend recap

Well it was a big weekend in Hoob town, and the Hoobs didn’t dissapoint. Taking advantage of some empty benches the hoobs dominated in a couple of 6-2 and 5-2 rompings.

The battle for ownership of the highly coveted nick name “thunder shift” raged on Friday night. Tyler the current front-runner took a 3:30 second shift on the penalty kill. In his defense he was on the far side. It’s really far. No really it’s f a r. Tyler was quoted after the game “it’s tough to change on that side” and “I’ll have the big piece because I’m hungry”. In Derka Derka’s defense he was waist deep defending the Bosnian front line this weekend and was unable to log any floor time. We will all be holding our hats in anticipation as we wait to see how this war of wizards plays itself out.

Speaking of battles of epic proportions, which hoober mchooberson will find his way to the scoresheet next? The lowly candidates in this weeks battle are Cherokee Chris, Bagel Grammerson, and “cover for me and please McDon’t pass to me”. GHL analysts are saying Bagel takes this in a landslide.

Joe Chan the resident goon was seen mucking it up Friday and again on Sunday. “I didn’t do anything”,….. sure Joe it’s always the other guy. You’d think nursing a a few cancer sores would have made him rethink his tough guy mentality. Even being sapped of his Vitamin C content Joey the tank raged on.

Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, yes there was. Taking a game off from his portering duties Pavel showed the hoobs why he’s truly European. Anyone catch that laser short side corner. No sir they didn’t, that beam blazed right past the orange netminder. Hazaahh!

With so many hoobs out of the lineup over the weekend the line combinations started to look like a modern day melting pot as opposed to the expected cultural mosaic. Out of this mish mash of bodies shire fans were delighted by the Lord of the Rings combo. Smeagul McGriff and Frodo Assen combined for 8 points Sunday evening. Each point gained Claude was overheard burbling “myyyyyy precious”

The strong winds on Friday wasn’t the only air being displaced in Calgary. On Sunday the walls of WestHillhurst caught whispers throughout the fan base…. Where has Matt Bootykillier disappeared to? Without a single spin-o-rama in Sunday’s contest, the mini Drew Doughty is beginning to draw the ire of his fans. Don’t worry Matt, here is one fan that knows you’re always just one spin-o-rama from their hearts.

Newly acquired Asian reporter Olive Dong caught up with Ragin’ red Fodchuk after Fridays bout.
Olive: “Mike, how are you making the most of your floor time with the big club?”
Mike: “Hoober Hoober Hoober!”
Olive: “haha that’s great! We love the team spirit. On a serious note, were you expecting to have to cover for you D partner “McDon’t pass to me!” as much as you are?”
Mike: “Hoober Hoober Hoober!”
Olive: “Well there you have it folks…. Hoober Hoober Hoober”

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