Up on Zee Rooftoppings!

Up on the rooftop Hoobs drink Beer
Noran scores 5 and we all cheer
Down thru the chimney Clump got stuck
JRab’s slapshot Another victim struck

Ho, ho, ho!
Where is Brian Ho?Ho, ho, ho!
Hoobs always know
CB15 Top shelf clang clang clang
Ian’s got a slapshot Bang Bang Bang

First comes TyTy
followed by Glenn
Oh dear Jazmine
flirt with Hoobmen
Give her a squeeze and she’ll laugh and meow Grammar scores on himself and takes a bow

Ho, ho, ho!
Where is Brian Ho? Ho, ho, ho!
Hoobs always know
Colboy goalpost clang clang clang
TeeJAy Body checks another Bang Bang Bang

Next comes a Trophy
For Hoob Nation
Off to Houstons
For a celebration
My name is RonDeLL
And I’m quite swell
I score goals
and I Hoob real well

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